BlueJeep has heard the call!

Would you like to be a part of a mannequin challenge? Here's your chance!

Theme: the IRON BOWL

Wear your team name, colors, and logos. We will cram various groups in and around the jeep. The video will be released on Iron bowl Saturday. Scroll down for the "I'm Interested" link to sign in. We want everyone to participate!

VIDEO CREW: Olivia Chew, Caroline Leak, Mead Oliver. Can you help?


Canterbury United Methodist Church

Upper Parking Deck

Tuesday, November 22

1:30 PM


Wednesday, November 23

1:30 PM

Let us know which day is better for you and your family or group.

Who qualifies to participate?

Have you seen the Jeep? If yes, you qualify. Do you know someone who has seen the jeep? If yes, you qualify.

Let us know you're interested and how you can help out. THANK YOU!