Internship at BlueJeep

Responsibilities for a student internship position at BlueJeep include the following:

Setting rooms for meetings

Data entry

Managing cafe hours

Keeping rooms clean and in order

Managing messages

Printing booklets and materials

Restocking and maintaining supplies

Assisting with promotion and mailouts

Smoothie/food runs

Any other similar responsibilities that might pop up in a small business


As with any business, loyalty is paramount. Employment and volunteer positions require a commitment to BlueJeep’s success and to give all aspects of the business the highest competitive advantage. All BlueJeep staff and interns are required to sign confidentiality and non-compete agreements prior to employment.

Personal appearance and dress code for interns should be clean and office casual.

Personal cell phones are not allowed during work hours. Cell phones are to be kept with personal items. Hourly breaks for cell phone checks are permitted in designated areas. Photos, videos (including video conversations), and audio captures are strictly prohibited.