GCS Football 2017


Week 13 - Discussion

Wisconsin is ranked #1 after Week 13 with a T100 score of 164. Their top 3 wins are against teams with 9, 8 and 8 wins (9-8-8). Wisconsin is the only team with 12 I-A wins and no losses. UCF is the only other team with no losses.

Washington State has the greatest Top-3 score of 28 (10-9-9). Auburn (10-10-7) and Ohio State (10-9-8) both have Top-3 scores of 27. Auburn is the only team with wins against teams with 10 I-A wins.

Last year's champions, Clemson is ranked #3 with top 3 wins of 9-8-7. Their one loss is to a 8-loss team.