Discussion for Week 9


Why is Alabama number one? Is it just because they're Bama?

Alabama is number one in week 9 because their T100 score is higher than those of the other 127 teams. Six of their 8 wins have been against teams who have won over half of their games. 

The GCS does not take into account a team's conference, prior accomplishments, fan bias, or profit potential in the media. 

The only human factor in the T100 formula comes from the players and coaches on the field.

Why does the GCS have Boise State at #9 when all three major polls have them ranked #24?

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Boise State and another team with a I-A record of 7-1.


Washington is undefeated and ranked #4 or #5 in the other polls. Why are they only ranked #11 in the GCS?

Five of Washington's I-A wins are against teams that have won 3 or fewer I-A games. Three of those teams have only a single I-A win. Similar reasoning applies to Louisville, Florida, and Baylor.

Why is Washington State ranked high in the GCS but not in the other polls?

Easy answer. Washington State opened their season with a loss to a I-AA team. Human polls are slow to forgive a I-AA loss. They broke into the top 25 this week with a win against Pittsburgh.

The T100 formula does not include I-AA games.