Hey, Elizabeth!

Here is all the information I think you will need for this afternoon. Scouting shoots are very simple but a great help to me when I prep for an event. The wedding I have been asked to photograph has no rehearsal the day before which means I will not have my normal opportunity to familiarize myself with the location. That's where you come in. 

For my purposes your job will be easy. Stand here. Stand here. Look that way. That sort of thing. I do plan to give you and your family a set of good shots from the day, so here are a few guidelines to make today's shoot a good experience.

How to dress: Keep it simple and modest. A solid top is preferred. White or a dark color is classic. 

Hair and makeup: Light to no makeup is fine. Hair down with the upper half pulled back off the face. 

Have fun practicing smiles. School-portrait smile. Life-is-good smile. Math-is-fun smile. I-had-fun-practicing-smiles smile.

Be clean. Be rested. Be fed. Be positive.

Be on time the best you can. I know you are coming back from the beach, so your arrival time may not be totally up to you. An ideal time to arrive at the church would be 2:30 to 2:45. If the trip back is running behind, just let me know. We will work something out. The address and map for the church is below.

Thank you, Elizabeth! 


2017 Sixth Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203