Good Morning, Caroline!

This is the basic information will need for this afternoon. Your help today is for a technical shoot where I simply need a face in front of the camera while I work with new equipment, check lighting or measure distances - technical stuff. Those who help with technical shoots are at the top of my gratitude list.

Your job will be easy - stand here, stand here, look that way - that sort of thing. These shoots are very low key, but we will likely have a few nice shots when we're done. As a part of my thanks for your help, my plan is to give you a small set of photos that you can share with your family. 

Here are easy guidelines to make today a good experience along with a sample photo of my target look for the shoot.

How to dress: Keep it simple and modest. A solid top is preferred. White or a light neutral color is classic. For technical shoots a basic t-shirt works fine. No neon bright colors.

Hair and makeup: Light to no makeup. Hair down for most of the shoot. Bring a brush and a headband or clip if I need hair pulled back off the face. 

Thank you, Caroline!

Thank you, Caroline!

Five essentials of a good shoot: Be on time. Be clean. Be rested. Be fed. Be positive.

Please please please respect my privacy boundaries and keep cell phone cameras down or put away. Text when you're headed this way. I'll be at my office park spot. 

Thank you, Caroline!