Good Morning!

Here is all the information I think you will need for this afternoon. Your help today is for what I call a technical shoot. These are photo shoots are where I need a face in front of the camera while I work with new equipment, check lighting or measure distances - technical stuff.

While it is very low key, we will likely have a few really nice shots when we're done, so I plan to give you and your mom a small set of pictures from the event. Here are guidelines to make today a good experience.

How to dress: Keep it simple and modest. A solid top is preferred. White or a dark color is classic. For technical shoots a basic t-shirt works fine. No neon bright colors.

Hair and makeup: Light to no makeup. Hair down for most of the shoot. Bring a brush and something like a headband if need to pull hair back off the face. 

Be clean. Be rested. Be fed. Be positive.

Text when you're headed my way. I'll be at my office park spot. 

Thank you!